South Africa is experiencing immense shortages of cyber security specialists and especially shortages in focused training opportunities for corporate staff.

The Cyber Security Institute provides training, tools and services in partnership with academic and private institutions, such as the French South Africa Institute of Technology (F'SATI), the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and CS Interactive Training and Bowline Security.

Corporate Cyber Security Enablement Services


Cyber Security threats are increasing on a daily basis and the human firewall of employees are one of the major countermeasures to stem the tide. Ensure all employees are actively taking part in protecting networks, data, and systems. Developing a strong Cyber Security Culture that is in line with business strategies and objectives, is crucial in defending corporate systems. Our main drive is to assist in getting the human firewall on par as one of the main defence lines.

We put metrics in place to continuously evaluate the level of security awareness and the impact of the security awareness programme. Online assessments that are quick and effective in highlighting problem areas.

Instant, detailed Reports of cyber security awareness levels to identify company-wide problems as well as pinpoint areas of concern. Tracking the progress of individual members continuously is vital to ensure awareness culture is growing stronger.

Online evaluations are followed by targeted training modules that focus on specific sections that are not on par. Training is delivered via a dedicated e-learning platform and progress are tracked and communicated.

Content is developed and continuously updated by Experts in Cyber Security from industry, research institutions, and academia. They also form part of the online facilitation process to ensure the high quality of training modules are maintained and the training paths are dynamic.

Individual progress is tracked and milestones reached are published via the use of Digital Badges. A digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment and skill that can be validated as it is based on open technical standards.   


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Cyber Security Core Enablement services focus on the continuous online evaluation of security awareness levels.

  1. Members are registered according to their level of authority
  2. Different types and standard of questions within assessments
  3. Annual evaluations are monitored and reports provided
  4. Instant feedback on evaluations aid in the learning process

Cyber Security Premium Enablement Services extends the Core services

  1. Individual learning paths based on feedback from initial assessment
  2. Targeted training modules available online
  3. Interactive monitoring of progress against learning paths assist with identifying problems and also boost the learning process

Cyber Security for Executives

Enlighten and assist non-IT executives to understand the intricacies of the cyber domain, identify threats and assist in effective cyber security governance.

Duration: 3 days


  1. Contact learning  R 10 500 incl. VAT


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IT Bootcamp

IT background knowledge as a first step towards a possible career in Cyber Security.

DURATION 12 months


  1. E-learning R 9 850 incl. VAT
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Cyber-crime Investigations for non-IT 

Equip current investigators with knowledge and tools to combat cyber-crime.



  1. Contact learning  R 15 400 incl. VAT
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