Our cyber security solutions are packaged as Cyber-Security-as-a-Service guides for SOHO, Small and Medium businesses. The offerings were developed using international best-practices adapted for local conditions and are accredited by the Cyber Security Institute of South Africa. We also include award-winning Kaspersky Lab software to provide complete ongoing protection for all our clients’ digital assets and information. Now you can have the service and benefits of a dedicated Cybersecurity professional, with our Cyber-security- as-a-Service (CSaaS) offering.

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Cyber risk within King IV & Compliance of the private sector

Our CS Cybershield products are ideal for any medium to small organisation in South Africa that are, or soon will be, affected by the new compliance legislation and good governance principles being legislated within South Africa and also international laws and regulation imposed in trading partners with organisations within the UK, EU & USA.  

The WebberWentzel Youtube clip is a great introduction to the topic and highlights the type of challenges that our CS Cybershield products can address to assist organisations that need to be compliant, but also have a limited budget for non-essential business operations.

Our Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Product was designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who work from home or small offices.

As an entrepreneur you have to perform multiple roles in your organisation and your clients are trusting you with their sensitive information. Just buying anti-virus software for your laptop is not enough anymore and larger corporates and government legislation is becoming more strict with each passing year. 

We designed a package to fit your budget and time pressure. Join us for a 1-Day workshop where we will guide you on how to improve your cyber resilience.

Workshop Details

The Small Business product is aimed at very small businesses (usually between 5 and 25 knowledge workers) that also rely on outside IT expertise.

Traditional IT support companies are very good at maintaining and supporting IT and office automation equipment and may even provide anti-virus and firewall protection for your organisation. Unfortunately, most of the cyber threats faced by small businesses originate from within the business environment and are mostly related to employees not being vigilant enough when using company IT equipment or mobile phones and tablets.

We partnered with Kaspersky Labs and the Cyber Security Institute to design and package a best practice product that is affordable and quick to implement to provide peace of mind for business owners that their businesses are resilient in case of a cyber attack, but can also demonstrate cyber security compliance if requested from government, corporate supply-chain managers or insurance companies (if you have a cyber insurance policy).

Product Details

Fast growing medium-sized businesses normally have between 25 and 250 employees with onsite IT support. The challenge faced by most growing businesses is the need for more structure and policies as it grows to cope with the migration from small to medium to large.

Our CS Cybershield Comprehensive product supports growing businesses by providing specifically tailored awareness training for knowledge workers, IT admins and Management to ensure that each group understands the compliance and legal responsibility that they have with regards to cyber and information security and business and cyber resilience. Bundled with our product is a 12-month subscription to the Kaspersky Endpoint Security (Cloud Edition) and access to expert advice and support.

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