The Small Business product is aimed at the very small businesses with between 5 and 25 employees and the company relies on outside IT expertise. Our Small Business product includes:

  • An onsite Cyber Security health assessment
  • Basic awareness training for staff
  • ISO27001 aligned practice guide with customised information security policies for managment
  • Kaspersky Small Business Security package for a;; employee devices and organisational servers 


Cyber Security Health Self-Assessment

Our Cyber Security Health Assessment is based on leading industry standards that allows us to give you some insight into your businesses resilience towards cyber threats.

Awareness Training

Small businesses are becoming a prime target for cyber criminals. We provide basic awareness training for staff and additional awareness training for managers who are responsible for protecting the business information and systems. We also include a more technical awareness session for IT Administrators (Even if your IT support is outsourced) 

Practice Guide

The results of the health assessment and the new potential threat information is then used as the context for preparing your customised policy and procedure practice guide. The guide contains business policy decisions and guidelines related to information and cyber security. The guide also contains sections on legal compliance requirements and how to record cyber incidents.

Legal Compliance

As part of the practice guide we review your business industry and assist you in identifying steps required to ensure compliance with relevant laws governing the management and use of information and technology resources.

Expert Advice

As part of the package we include a 12 Month subscription to our "Update and Alert" service as well as access to specialists to support incident investigation or advances penetration testing at significantly reduced rates

Kaspersky Total Security (12 Month Subscription)

We ensure all devices (Server, Desktop & Phone) used within the organisation are protected by providing Kaspersky Small Business Security at no extra cost, this edition also includes a backup agent that is essential against ransomware attacks.