Our Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) product was designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who work from home or small offices. Our 1 Day workshop includes guidance on completing a cyber self-assessment, basic cyber awareness training, a cyber security practive guide based on ISO27001 and a Kaspersky Total Security Package for a PC or Mac and mobile device.


Our 1 Day workshop is divided into 4 focus areas and covers the following content:


Cyber Security Health Self-Assessment

The workshop starts with delegates using our Cyber Security Health Self-Assessment to assess their small or home office. 

Awareness Training

Small businesses are becoming a prime target for cyber criminals. Techniques deployed are getting more sophisticated and directly targeted at individuals.

Practice Guide

The results of the health assessment and the new potential threat information is then used as the context for preparing and evaluating our standard Cyber Security guide. Delegates are expected to adjust their guides during the third session and also understand how to engage their IT support services, even if the IT services are outsourced.

Kaspersky Total Security (12 Month Subscription)

Every delegate will receive a copy of Kaspersky Total Security and during the last session we will configure the product and ensure everyone in the room has a protected laptop and phone with back-ups running.