The convergence of learning and performance management creates an opportunity to diagnose and prescribe ways to better develop critical skills…


By integrating learning and performance, organisations can more easily identify workforce trends in a more predictive manner and target organisational capability gaps to develop skills aligned with the business needs.


The benefits of integrating learning and performance management can only be achieved through the use of administration systems that allow for the company to leverage technology such as internet connectivity, web-based solutions & analytics.

If your company is spending large amounts of financial and other resources on training and development without seeing a return on investment then you have not addressed one of more of the following issues:

  1. The lack of a skills planning and development approach result in poor quality engagements to addressing skills needs
  2. Poorly defined job descriptions
  3. Skills identified in plans is only focused on immediate needs
  4. Workplace skills planning seen as a compliance requirement
  5. Skills development tends to be driven by the availability of courses from vendors
  6. Skills planning and development processes lack the support from line management & employees
  7. Workplace skills planning not aligned with performance management & other HR operations
  8. Skills development strategies do not integrate or align work experience and theory training

We created a Corporate Skills Enablement service (MILE) that is based on a standard product development lifecycle that we adapted for curriculum development and training delivery. The service includes the development of the workplace skills plan and supporting the curriculum.

We developed the Micro Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) service offering to enable us to go the extra MILE for our clients in fixing the underlying issues.

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