Phase 1: Identify Key Capabilities

What is it that people will ask you for?

  • What are the unique objects or services you provide?

What do you keep yourself busy with?

  • What are the most important or critical activities you are involved in?

What is the unique contribution you make to the place of work?

  • How do you convert inputs into products or services?
  • What value do you add to the objects that form part of your work OR what is the unique value of the service you provide to your customers?

We make use of different techniques, including the use of the Business Model Canvas to assist us in understanding the unique contribution a job makes to the work context in your company.

In our experience, we found that the performance management process in most organisations amounts to no more than an annual review. To really impact the bottom line of the company, performance management must be linked to the other elements in the employee lifecycle, including training and development.

If companies integrate learning and performance, they would be able to more easily identify workforce trends, that, in turn, will allow management to target organisational capability gaps and develop skills aligned with the business needs.


Free Tip

Creating strategies and architectures can sometimes be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for smaller organisations with limited resources. We found that using the business model canvas is a quick and easy technique to use to uncover the key capabilities within the organisation. Our preferred tool for generating quick contextual architectures for discussion is the open source archimate modelling tool. 

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You can download our Example Business Model Canvas & Business Architecture but please be aware that you would need to open the file with version 4 or later of the Open Source ArchiMate Tool.